We live in a world, where now more than ever, we crave to be connected. Through this pandemic, we crave connection to people, to information, and especially to our devices. The power in these vessels enable us to do all sorts of things; speak to friends and family overseas, shop online from countries on the other side of the world, and watch DJ’s livestream from their living rooms, as we sit and watch from ours. It’s definitely alleviated the “iso” burdens, and through our devices especially, made the transition from living and working from home, that much easier. We are constantly searching for a work-life balance, and this hunt only confirms one thing – we NEED it. It is time to find that enlightenment; for both your career and freedom in your life.

We wake up in the morning, maybe from the alarm on our phone, and roll over only to be welcomed by the multiple notifications craving our attention. There are the alerts from social, the ones from work, the long list of sh^t we need to get done for the day. Regardless of whether you like the notification attention, for any human all it can all seem a bit much. Not even 60 seconds into being awake and you need/ are expected to make important decisions. What are your priorities for the day? What do you need to achieve your daily goals? All in preparation to hustle and juggle work, play and life admin tasks. But what if your mornings stopped being about the overwhelming day you have ahead?

Whether you’re working to live, or living to work – it’s no surprise that you need to work smarter, not harder. You need your tools, your time, and your focus to be in sync all the time. At Jhola, we know that, because our team all feel the same way. We are just like you. We’re the working professionals, the avid travellers, the warrior parents juggling deadlines at home and in the office.

“There is no level of success that’s more important than happiness and balance”

Gary Vaynerchuk

You hold the power to make these decisions, but when you’re expected to do this whilst juggling between multiple tools on the day to day that solves parts of problem, it seems to always feel like a burden. Replying back to your boss’ email, paying that bill, meditating for ten minutes – three different priorities and on three different platforms. That’s not even taking into account other distractions and the time you don’t have to add to the pain of it.

Instead of focusing on the issues and burdens (because time is valuable and who can be bothered to hear it) we cut to sorting out a solution. Introducing… Jhola, your personal management system aimed at simplifying your life, prioritizing your daily goals and empowering you to achieve work-life alignment. We can’t get into the nitty and gritty of it now, but you can best believe that we’re aiming to launch a solution for an integrated and balanced life (all in a single view).

Imagine an app, that helps with focusing on what’s important and cutting out the noise. The one that helps with taking back control and tackling the day ahead, or planning your upcoming wedding or holiday. With Jhola you won’t have to imagine it, because we’re working on it.

In the last few decades, the transition from work-life balance to work-life enlightenment eludes to the fact that we want, need and expect more. Let us enlighten you, let us lessen the load, choose smarter with Jhola. In the next few months this product will become readily available to your iPhone or Android. It will work simultaneously with the apps you know and love, and it will change the way you view things (quite literally). You’ll simplify, prioritize and manage in the way that works for YOU, not the way an app makes you work. With exciting news and updates to come, stay up to date and well informed. Sign up to our waiting list.

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