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Manage your life through a personalized, single view.

Jhola is your personal management tool – your single source of truth, viewed through one powerful app. We’ve built an information hub helping you add context to everything you do, from the moment you wake up, to the time you fall asleep. It’s the ultimate solution for anyone switching between work and life’s demands. This intuitive and integrated solution will help you get organized, get sh*t done and take control.

Innovation and Integration -
Empowering You

We've all wished for a day that our apps would integrate and talk with each other. Thanks to Jhola, managing and switching between multiple apps will be a thing of the past. Connect your multiple email accounts, calendars, news sources, banking accounts, fitness apps, communication and work tools. Experience the power of integration, with your apps working to simplify your life. Achieve more by doing less - work smarter, not harder.

We know it's hard to switch off

Did you know context switching is the highest cost to your day? Now with Jhola, you’ll finally have the right balance between the time you dedicate to work and your personal life. Don’t be distracted by incoming notifications at the wrong time. With a touch of a button, simply switch off work notifications when the day is done, so you don’t feel that dread or guilt to reply to emails past work hours.

Get organized, get sh*t done and take control

While you’re working on being a powerhouse, Jhola’s working in the background to do the same. We show you exactly what you need to see, when YOU want to see it. With our trustworthy app you can rest assure your storage is secure and that you’ll never miss a thing. Stress less when it comes to replying to notifications and creating and actioning those to-do lists.


We want to help you on your pursuit to work-life enlightenment

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Will be available in late August 2020​​

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