Your life management solution, in one place

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0 % of people
use 10+ apps to manage their work and life​
0 % of people
have more than 4 different emails, calendar and banks​
0 min / hr
spent prioritizing task, goals and obligations

Everything should be easy and effortless

But it is so damn difficult sometimes

Jhola focuses on making access to information effortless

Integrate with all your apps

You have your go-to apps to get sh*t done. Let us help you organize it.

Simplified feed

All of your most relevant information, in a personalized feed.

Never miss anything

Stay in sync with your work and life obligations. Now you can combine multiple calendars.

Connect your multiple email accounts, calendars, news sources, banking accounts, fitness apps, communication and work tools. Experience the power of integration, with your apps working to simplify your life. Get more by doing less and work smarter, not harder.

We know it's hard to switch off.

Tired of work distractions when you’re at home and vice versa?

You can finally have the right balance between the time you dedicate to work and your personal life. Simply switch off the notifications you don’t want to see, when you don’t want to see them.

We want to help you on your pursuit to work-life enlightenment.

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